Aligned - From its inception HUNTER has followed the principle of aligning interests with our clients and partners through direct co-investment into the funds we manage. We have benefitted significantly from this co-investment over the years and have embedded this approach in our business development strategy.

Local - We recognise that real estate is a local business. This offers the opportunity to create value from the unique attributes of buildings and the needs of those that use them. Over successive real estate cycles our management team has learnt the benefit of local knowledge and strong occupier relationships. As a result we have forged an integrated business model of fund, asset and where required direct property management of our clients’ assets.

Income - Our history demonstrates a focus on income growth. The clichés of "value add" and "bottom up" to us mean staying close to occupiers through hands on local management and identifying aspects of each of our clients’ investments where income can be enhanced or protected and the risk profile of the asset reduced.